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Vocable Trainer HELP 1.0.1

Vocable Trainer HELP
After the first start you find yourselfe in the vocable deck screen. Here you have the possibility to click the "Add Deck" menu button for adding a new deck.

Type in a name for your deck and select which languages you want to learn.
The deck, now available in your deck list, can now be selected if it is not preselected.
To edit you deck, long click on the deck you want to change and a context menu pops up. In the context menu you can change the name, change the languages or delete the deck.
On the vocable list tab you have a list of all the vocabularies in your deck. To add new vocabularies you have the possibility to use the 'Add Word' or the 'Import/Export List' menu button.

As in the deck list you can perform a long click on some word and EDIT it or DELETE it from your vocabulary list.

To import a vocubulary list you can create a CSV or a TXT file with a two column list seperated by a tabulator like:

one       eins
two      zwei
threee   drei
word    wort

If you connect your phone with your PC store the file at the top node of the SD card. Do not put it into a folder. You can try to add a word manually and export it. Then you can see the correct location on your SD card to import a vocabulary list.

An easy way to create vocabulary lists and export them with the correct encoding is to use the website
If you want to import some test words you can use this link to download a TXT vocabulary file (English / German) with a few words. Right click the link and click SAVE AS... or SAVE LINK (mobile browser) or (zu Deutsch (Ziel) Speichern unter..., Link Speichern unter, auf einigen Mobile Browsern).

Now select the Vocable Box tab.
All words are apriori in Box 1 from your list.
 Click on Box 1 if you want to learn vocabularies. The words appear on the yellow flashcard.
Click on the flashcard and the card will turn around and you can read the corresponding translation. Click again and you are back.

There are four buttons at the bottom of the flashcard. The arrows mean you can navigate through the cards without changing the box state of the card.

With the click on the red X or the green check you can put the word into the next box or the previous box. There is no previous Box behind Box 1 and no next Box after Box 5. So the corresponding buttons will have no effect. Just try it out to see the behavoir.

If you deselect the box the count of the cards in the box are updated. You can now select another Box.

If you want to see the German word before the English word or your Language 2 before Language 1 click the menu button. Here you have the option to switch the word language which is promted.
Another menu option is the go to button. If you do not want to start from scratch with the box press it and select the box and the card number you want to jump in.

Press go to and you can start with word number 528 in Box 1.
If you encounter any Bugs or Issues with the trainer please add a comment to the blog and not in the market. The best way is to send me an email. Check the market to see the developer contact mail address.

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